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Before venturing onward, can we tell you a little about us ?


We’re the Cudlips…. We run Word Store.

Lee, the pretty lady in the photo, has spent much of her life engrossed in the world of words. Especially, all they've done and will always do for all of us. She managed the book choices, and sales of same, at La Jolla’s famed bookstore—Warwick’s. Also, she conducted literary tours to Europe, and was publisher and editor of BETWEEN THE LINES, a literary gazette. Currently, she serves as a board member of Lanier Library in Tryon, NC, one of the very few remaining membership libraries in America. She edits the Word Store's Sales Letters and Blogs...and all else on our production line...


Me, I’m David. Got an M.B.A. at Dartmouth's Tuck School of Business, cut my teeth at a private bank in Wall Street, then served as CFO of a publicly-owned airline, went onward into entrepreneuring, where I variously served as CFO, CEO or Board Chairman of smaller businesses. In the midst of this voyage, I wrote novels. Which can be found at Amazon and elsewhere. A nd now, I, or we, would like to embellish you...


And me, again. The wife of this team. Born in St. Louis, MO, I went to Smith College, taught at Missouri Historical Society and Soldan High School; Manager, Warwick’s Bookstore in La Jolla, CA; Publisher and Owner of Between the Lines, a literary review; Publisher of Pen & Pencil Press; Book Club facilitator; Board Member of Tryon Garden Club; On the Board of Lanier Library, where I also head up the research for its Book Selection Committee, which selects a broad range of monthly purchases for our discerning membership. Lanier is a ranking U.S. private library located in Tryon, NC, where we reside.

At Word Store, we specialize in researching audiences for Copywriting and other Content Marketing materials, calling upon our experience one’s sense of creativity--we approach every work assignment as if we're helping to launch a brand from scratch. That no one knows a darn thing about you and what you do that helps them...to better their lives...to solve a nagging problem...and fix whatever needs fixing...

If you'll read on, you'll find out how our Word Store can help you help others...and where our promise to you is  "BETTER TELLING = BETTER TELLING."