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     To show our appreciation, we’d like you to have a free copy of this story of America in bigtime trouble—with you and me included, of course. When first published, in the early 1980s, both here and abroad, it had whizzy sales. It’s the stuff of fiction, though is based on a high probability that the U.S. will one day—sooner perhaps than most may think—bite the dust after decades of unchecked, often mindless government spending. Finding itself in dire financial straits, adrift and seemingly helpless, America is floundering. Our credit is kaput. We've as many allies as an infected leper. Russia is yanking our chain, day in and day out.

     So, how do we eat, take care of our families, get back to work, recover from this dystopia?

     Comes a quite singular man named Culhane, who's roundly upset that he's been forced to take the lead from an inept government. Working in the dark, often alone, he figures out how to reset the table, internationally. His motive? The goverment is reneging on what it owes him: nine tons of gold bullion. If he can't collect, he faces ruin himself.

     To reset the table, internationally, he forces Congress to adopt the Blue Dollar. But that's after he gets the Navy to make a junkyard out of the Straits of Hormuz, bringing much of the world to its knees, while making Culhane a marked man...forever...

     Turmoil, an off-center romance, murder, chicanery, and monetary sleight-of-hand…will head you into a fully-fledged, sleep-depriving escapade.

     On the book's back cover are excerpts taken from the comments of various critics. Too small to read easily, we're repeating them immediately below for your convenience:


      "A winner"— Lee Iacocca


      “A fast-paced thriller”—Los Angeles Times

​      “An extremely well-written story of deceit, treachery, chicanery and world power.”—ALA Booklist

​      “Clever, stylish, demanding…discomforting. The U.S. predicament seems all too plausible.”—The Washington Post

      “Sardonic, sophisticated…this high-spirited tale is told with style, wit, and economy. David Cudlip’s prose is a joy.”—New York Times Book Review.

​​      “David Cudlip has mastered the art of international commodity trading. One of the rare books written on the art of physical commodity trading that spans the globe. As a trader myself, I must say that Cudlip has a lock on the chaos, intrigue, and stress that is involved in trading raw products. Throw in a few murders and several larger than life characters and you have a winner. If you can put this book down before finishing, I'll eat my hat.”—by a customer (as posted on Amazon).

​      “…such a good writer as David Cudlip should not be out of print!—Constance Cappel, former editor of Vogue.

​      “I recently discovered Comprador while searching for my next read, and within the first three pages, I knew without a doubt that this one I was going to cherish for a lifetime. Cudlip's use/choice of wording shows such delicate care and thought, that everything was so vividly illustrated, ...nothing was forced... (as is the case with so many other books)... By far the best book I've ever read!”—by a customer (as posted on Amazon).


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Or you might prefer 


     Sometimes when watching a movie, you always know it’s good if you get so involved that you step your way inside the skin of the main character. You feel just as they feel, see things as they do. You’re, as they say, hooked.

Likewise, imagine for a moment or two that you are Dominic Dillon in this story. You started life as a foundling, the handiwork of a Baltimore debutante’s sexual adventure that went, well, let’s say it went awry. Later, you’re passed through a series of foster homes until one day, as a teenager, you’re full to the brim with this God-forgotten awful youth of yours. It’s not a youth with its discoveries and its joys and tumults; no, it’s an existence wrapped inside of a grim passage. No love, no real guidance, a sort of void whereby you’re lumping along on a diet of far-off hopes and unrequited dreams.

     You feel abandoned...out of it...

     Wanting some acceptance and to have your share of some teenage fun, you join a rowdy street gang. And. along the way, you get an older girl in trouble. She dies at the hand of a back-alley abortionist. Her two brothers—both Baltimore cops—come after you. Yet it is you who waylays them instead of the other way around. Naturally, charges are levied. Hearing about your life—a wounded life, at that—a sympathetic judge offers you a choice of—a stint in the U.S. Army or a tour under the tough-minded Jesuits, who, when taking you in, spot your native talents and begin to shape you.

     Eventually, you’ll become a top-notch geneticist.

     This, while you also become a Jesuit; for they’ve become the only real family you’ve ever had, ever known. Looking after you, teaching you, setting you on a course that’ll enable you to take your place in the world.

      For you, it’s all about science—the world of discovery…exploring biology, the science of life. Without the Jevvies, though, you’d never had had a shot.

      Along the way, you’re making your mark. Won awards. Found out that you love teaching. You’ll feel your star rising as you become a popular Visiting Lecturer at Cambridge in England; and even you will be co-hosting a BBC t-v show about the wonders of bioscience. Your science-tilted soul gets the better of you, when, on one Saturday airing, you debunk several Biblical stories and, much worse, question other Church doctrines that, you believe, firmly believe, ought to be buried a.s.a.p,

     As a scientist, you’ve been harboring doubts, as have many others before you, of a like mind. Your stance is clear, simple: you’re always ready to believe, as long as palpable evidence of a thing exists.

     The Vatican, enraged at your perfidy, sees to it that you’re banished to Africa—at 35, you’re now a has been, a nada. Spending your days now on the great savannahs thinking about your life and whatever will become of it, as you busy yourself collecting DNA samples from the fast vanishing animal herds, so they can always be reproduced.       You’ve been gagged, made an example of, so you’re miffed. You’re finding out what life under the bus is like. Haven’t the foggiest idea that fate is about to head you into something only a few ever live through, or can ever tell about.

     Living among the Mzura it’s you—Dominic Dillon—who’ve become intrigued by the tribe’s age-old traditions. One being their centuries-long reliance on tribal medicines derived from a root known locally as semba. Its powers to heal verge on the astonishing. Eventually, that capacity will open doors no one can foresee, and neither do you...who, nonetheless, will find that it is you alone who holds the key to that door…an epiphany of consequence…

     Observing what semba can do, you learn how one of its properties, an enzyme, makes it easy to manipulate DNA. An enzyme? (Recall that it’s an enzyme derived from the Mexican yam that makes birth control pills do their work so successfully). And so it will be, also, with semba’s enzyme that can manipulate DNA in ways that hold promise to obliterate thousands of diseases—on the cheap, too.

      Is this what some call a Eureka Moment?

      Dillon reimagines himself when performing a skin-gene fix that remakes three elderly tribeswomen. Aged and now considered a liability to the Mzura, they’re slated to be stoned to death. He transplants the skin genes of three younger Mzura tribeswomen into these elderlies. In a period of just months, they’ve dropped at least twenty to thirty years off their everyday appearances. Not their age, of course. Just how they look—smoothed out, daisy-fresh by comparison to their recent pasts.    

     The re-concocted semba is what’s made it possible...

     Big Pharma, the world’s largest industry, gets wind of what you’re up to...pegging it as major, major stuff!  Posing an extreme threat to them, too, if they cannot control it...

     You, still as Dillon, reject their overtures.

To undermine you, blunt you, Big Pharma sets up a smear campaign, tagging you as a false prophet, a renegade scientist, a modern snake-oil trickster and worse. Cheap healthcare, eh? Or even for free? Is this goodbye to doctors and hospitals and medical schools and pills?

     No way. Dominic Dillon must be stopped! Except what the power-brokers of the drug-industry don’t figure on is that you, Dillon, are like an Ayn Rand character; unable to give in, nor give up. You’re a ‘man for others’. Money and profit are of no particular interest. You, you’re a fully-fledged idealist. You care about helping whomever you can help. You love the teaching-life but the Vatican ended that dream when you declared you no longer were a disciple, not fully anyway. This, at a time when you were a Jesuit and meant to be an announcer of the party line, never a debunker…

     Oh yes, indeed, memorable women are front-and-center in this tale!

     Dillon saddles up with Jaggy Muldaur, a South African mega-heiress, one of this world’s most fabled females: too rich, too calculating, too willful, and much too harrowing. And then there’s Shandar Bazak, an Iraqi-born Jewess. She’s a looker, brainy, is a New York-based p.r. wizard and Dillon’s forever love...a story unto itself...

     You’ve got a different, beguiling journey ahead. You’re always trying to figure out what’ll be happening next. Harrowing, too, isn’t it?

     If tumultuous odysseys are your thing, the DILLON series may be just the ticket for you. Have a look, see for yourself…

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