Let's Fix It !

Recently, we posed a question about revenue losses occasioned by the Covid-19 virus. You and hundreds of thousands of others like you have been slammed. You get the all-clear signal and you roll up your sleeves, open open the doors, open them, and re-open them. Three weeks later, it dawns on you and your none-too-busy cash register that not as many customers are returning to buy what you’re selling.

What gives?

You make some calls to the old regulars, and when you do, you find out they soundi a bit evasive and even embarrassed when telling you they’ve gone to Amazon or some other online retailer. Works fine, too. Get what they need quickly enough, can use credit cards, are offered a fair enough returns policy and there’s a broad selection of “like” products you cannot hope to match.

Now what?

You beat that godawful pandemic virus, you thought…but did you really?

You’re a bit puzzled and soon discomfited as a flash of panic runs through you. What’s in the offing, if you don’t get those former customers to return to your fold?


You’re not alone, friend…

P. S. In a few days, we’ll give you some low-cost ideas you may be willing to try. So, please tune in! It’s all about what feeds the family, right?

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