Unmasking Your Business...And Yourself...

Updated: Apr 20, 2020

Soon, like millions of other small businesses in America, you'll be swinging open your doors again. Be back in action. Welcoming your customers back. Dealing with a rash of details, solving problems, coping with headaches, large and small...but headaches nonetheless.

The price of doing your thing, yes? For feeding your beloved family, getting that new car, paying college bills, and the rest. You and millions of others who're rowing the same boat, heading for old waters, and very possibly some that're quite new, unfamiliar...yet are the waters that lead to safer ports.

You're thinking, perhaps, that the old ways, the old routes, the old ports "are just dandy fine..." That, more, you haven't the time to stop, learn, re-learn. And may we say to you that if thinking like that, closing off the future (recall when you had to learn about computers, or hand-held card readers) if you "mask your senses" you may be trodding a fine line, the line between your future success or your future defeat.

Let's not go there...we've all beem enough places, lately, we'd as soon forget.

Consider what's happened to your life, your family, your pals, others in your community over the past weeks. Too much for us to comment on here. Except...

...Except some things have changed, or are about to. Like they always have, always will. Change is what we Americans do as a way of life. If, as an example, you have kids in school and, due to this mess-making pandemic, their classrooms were shut...they had to adjust to a newer way of learning. You, for your part, had to do some adjusting, too. Having them home 7/24, for one thing. How'd that go?

Did the kids learn they had to do their learning in a different way? Yep! As did their teachers, as did the administrators responsible for ensuring that the education service they're responsible for providing was, indeed, provided.

Well, now it's your turn to start providing again. To do that, efficiently, profitably, you may have to some more adjusting. We'd like to explore that with you in the coming weeks and months. We leave you with an example: suppose, during the economic shutdown, a percentage of your customer base went elsewhere to buy the products or services they normally get from you?

Maybe to Amazon.

How do you get them back?

Have a plan?

If not, you may lose them for good? If so, how do you replace them?

If you don't, how big a dent will that make in your revenues?

Is that manageable? Or does it pose a threat to your way of life? Can you really start all over? Got the money to do it? The time? Energy?

In the weeks to come, maybe we can offer some tips and tricks to ease the road ahead.

What're your thoughts? Please tell us. Just name your top one or two concerns, post them in a blog, see if we can help.

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