Here's the letter we devised for ASL to send to 10,000 beauty salons...the overall sign-up rate was 7.4%

Right! seven/four!


3030 Mountain Way

Jackson Hole, WY  11223




Mr. and Mrs. Judd J. Judson

Dolly Madison Salon

123 DuPont Circle

Washington, DC  23456


Dear Mr. and Mrs. Judson:



    We’re quite sure all of you will love SUPREMA. And may I add that here at American SkinCare Labs we are very appreciative of Dolly Madison’s support of our product family over the years. Now we have another…it’s a near miracle…

    Early on, we want you to know about SUPREMA…it’s new, it’s a marvel, and we know this because it’s been in development for four years now. We wanted to be sure of what it will do for your patrons and now we are. So we're

ready to market it, and we’re jumping with excitement around here!

    We hope you, at the Dolly Madison Salon, will join our launch. You might be pleasantly surprised at how we can ass to your successes, especially your profits.

    Let me quickly tell you about SUPREMA. No longer does anyone need 3 or 4 skin products to keep looking fresh, healthy, and at their best.

       …SUPREMA does it all. A single product, not a shelf full of them.

       ... saving users a bunch of money.

       …to say nothing of its convenience.

       ...and, as we said earlier, wait’ll you see what it does for your bottom-line.


    Loaded with specially selected ingredients chosen by our expert chemists. Ingredients like retinol, Yucatan-grown aloe vera, Taiwanese rice scrub, niacin, Tahitian palm, coconut oils, and seven other components as listed on the label. All are independently confirmed as exceptional skin nutrients.



    At American SkinCare we’re doubly careful of what we put our name on. That’s why we took four years to research, formulate and test and re-test  SUPREMA. We had plenty of help from foremost dermatologists such as Peter Schaeffer M.D. of Johns Hopkins Medical School; Vadine Miklas, M.D. of Harvard Medical School; William Post, M.D, of University of Michigan Medical School; Tremaine Jordon, M.D. of Washington University Medical School. This cadre of top-notch talent was ably assisted by a team of excellent chemists employed by our lab facilities here in Wyoming, in Geneva Switzerland, and Tokyo Japan.

    We're mighty proud of them. And we wager you will be, too, after trying SUPREMA for free, as we’ll shortly be explaining.

    May we also mention that 1,000 medical students participated in a voluntary test. Only students with skin problems were allowed to join the test. The results were quite astounding. For one thing, 154 of the participants said that SUPREMA cleared their facial blemishes after six applications. A complete roundup of the overall results can be downloaded from the U.S. government’s National Institutes of Health’s website ( when clicking on the tab saying BREAKTHROUGHS. Very informative, you’ll find; also, heavy with praise.


    This highly respected periodical makes findings on a very broad range of products, and recently carried a report on SUPREMA.  Ranking it at the highest of its product rating system.




    Jessa Clintock, who's graced the cover of Sports Illustrated’s swimsuit issue on three occasions, was quoted as saying:


 “I just love it. Really the best skincare product I’ve ever used.

Makes me glow. My skin is baby soft and always hydrated. I’m in the sun

a lot, doing swimsuit and golf apparel ads. I need SUPREMA, or I’d be out of a job.

It’s addictive. It’s how you get the camera to like you. All the models I know use it….

and that honey-almond fragrance is divine…you know what?

                    I now have fewer wrinkles around my eyes. Hurrah! The next hurrah

is that I don’t think I’ll ever have crepey skin, when I'm fifty or sixty, like

what's happened to my mom and grandmom.

Ain’t that some cool news?”



    Here’s an offer we hope you won’t dare refuse. We’d like to send you gratis, a jar containing a 30-day supply of SUPREMA. Just for you alone. We’ll also ship you 25 extra jars, each with a 14-day supply of our skin-miracle. These are meant as gifts from Dolly Madison Salon to its patrons. We’re certain both you and they will have the same reaction as Jessa Clintock…and let’s not forget those 1,000 medical students who also showered SUPREMA with lots of kudos…


    You’ll be making more than we do, even though our expenses are greater than yours. Here’s what we have in mind. After you’ve had a chance to try the product yourself, and hear what your patrons have to say, we hope you’ll order supplies of SUPREMA regularly. We sell by the case containing 12 of the 30-day jars. We suggest each jar be sold at retail for $39.95. You pay us $19.95 per jar and you keep the $20.00 difference.

    Some quick math says if you sell 100 jars monthly, your gross profit pencils out to $2,000. For the entire year, that'll average $24,000. Not bad, is it? Just for a single product? No shipping expense for you, either, And using very little of your shelf space. More, think of all those happy patrons you’ve put on the path to better skin…

    Skin, as you know, is our largest human organ. Taking great care of it with SUPREMA costs a mere $1.33 daily. That’s not too much, is it? Not to look great and feel your best…



    Simply fill out the attached stamped and self-addressed card, pop it in the mailbox and we’ll do the rest. Simple as thatthe quickest way to your  $24,000 starts by returning that card to us…

    And, most of all, with you!

Yours Sincerely,


Letitia Tracey

Vice-President- Marketing


P.S. You can also contact us on our website ( by clicking on the email tab.


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